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Hillsborough Tenants Bill of Rights Proposed Ordinance

Notice to property owners and landlords in Hillsborough county Florida

The Hillsborough county commission will be meeting on March 3 2021 to discuss a proposed Tenant Bill of Rights include a source of income provision. While the intent of this ordinance is good, however the way it is currently written has some issues that will negatively impact property owner and landlords.

This statement comes from the National Association of Property Managers:

The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners is considering an ordinance that would do two things:

First, they want to create a so-called “Renters Bill of Rights” (as written/approved by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners) that is required to be given to tenants under penalty of law.

Second, they want to force property owners to participate in Section 8 by making source of funds a protected class.

We need you to take action TODAY regarding this proposal. Please take a moment to email your members of the Board of County Commissioners and ask them to oppose this in its current form and encourage them to engage with the real estate industry to craft solutions that truly help meet the need for affordable housing.

You can use the following link to send an email to the county commissioners about this.

If you would like to speak at this meeting you can sign up here: