About Us

Okay, this is the page where I get to plug ME! I think this is one of the least important pages on this web site. Where I came from and what I've done in the past doesn't really matter. It's what I do now for YOU that counts. Anyway, here goes...


Birth place - London, Ontario, Canada. Florida resident since 1979. Naturalized US citizen in 1986.

Age - Still young enough to make mistakes, old enough to keep learning from them.

Education – Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology, University of Central Florida, 1984.

Professional Designations - RMP®, C2EX, AHWD, MPM®

Business Experience - 18 years with the same company in the computer chip equipment industry. Service engineer, service manager, applications director, marketing and various other hats along the away.

Real Estate Experience – Licensed in 2002 and became a broker in 2005. I have been doing Property Management since 2006.

Wears a tie? - Not anymore, hung it up years ago.

Why did I go into real estate? - After 18 years in the tech sector as an engineer it was time for a change. Time to do something different. Real estate, for me, is based on service not particularly on sales. I thought it was a natural fit. Real estate, like most businesses, is all about solving problems. I had been solving problems for other businesses all along so why not do it for other people. This business has its ups and down, positives and negatives, but the best part is you control your own destiny. Do it right and you will succeed.

Checkerboard Realty has been in business since 1983 and was originally in Madeira Beach, Florida. I am a small firm that puts customers first. That's how we have obtained an excellent reputation in our real estate marketplace. We do not employ other agents, but handle your transactions personally so that you always know where you stand. I specialize in property management and investment sales.