Thank you for getting in touch regarding one of our listings. Before we can move forward with confirming an appointment, I'll first need to ask you to confirm your photo ID. This is becoming standard procedure in the real estate industry, just as it already is with hotels, car rental companies, apartment rentals & many other service industries.

You can deliver your government issued ID in person at my office or by email. If delivering in person, copy your ID and put it in a sealed envelope and give to the receptionist. You can also send it by text to 727-244-7498.

Our company policy is to keep everyone safe from harm and for our mutual protection. In the rare event that something happens to any of us while on tour, my company has both our information and can take appropriate action.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask - my contact info is below: 
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Tim Snelgrove 
Checkerboard Realty Inc.
801 West Bay Dr.
Largo, FL, 33774
Cell #  (727) 244-7498

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Tim Snelgrove
Tim Snelgrove
801 West Bay Dr #420 Largo FL 33770